P-ADXP2788ABPER - Permaflor - 16.98 - Pedestal Adhesive XP2788A & B 5.5KG

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Pedestal Adhesive XP2788A & B 6.5KG. XP 2788 is a two part reinforced polyurethane adhesive, specifically developed for bonding raised flooring pedestals to concrete subfloors. This product has been developed to meet the exacting industrial standards demanded of the construction industry. Once mixed the two part adhesive forms a reactive thermosetting polymer with excellent adhesion and good flexibility.

This product was specifically designed for a strong and flexible bond, the adhesive has been designed to allow simple application on-site applications. It has other applications bonding metal trunking to timber, concrete and insulation without the need to heat or use solvents.


A 6.5 kg pack will bond between 80 and 100 pedestals depending upon the quality of the subfloor. This has been determined coating one of the substrates and using 100mm x 100mm pedestal bases.

Substrate Preparation

All surfaces should be free of contamination by dust, grease, oils or release agents. Some metals (untreated aluminium or galvanised steel) may require priming to achieve a satisfactory permanent bond. Untreated concrete should be mature and free from excessive dust. When bonding to old primed or painted concrete, check the adhesion of such a coating to concrete, ensure it is sufficient for further bonding of pedestals.


XP 2788 is supplied as a pre-weighed kit. The two components are contrasting colours to provide a visual indication of adequate mixing prior to application. The adhesive is conveniently packed with sufficient ullage in the Part A container to mix the whole pack, the Part B is packed in the exact proportion to allow for simple yet accurate mixing. XP 2788 only needs to be applied to one surface and is normally applied by dipping the pedestals into the adhesive prior to positioning on the subfloor.

Bonding Range and Pressure

XP 2788 should be used within 3 - 5 hours of mixing at 20°C and will then cure within 24 hours.

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